Writing As An Art

Writing As An Art…

After waiting several months, I finally got my hands on a copy of a book I had been dying to read. My hands shook as I read the first chapters. Yet, as I continued to read I realized something quite painful.

This author was not who I thought she was. Her characters have no depth, no heart, no soul. In short, there was nothing real or even relatable about them other than the fact that like me… one walked into a situation with a certain impression and was met with a harsh truth.

That truth being… That things were not as she thought they would be.

So, after reading through ten chapters, I had put the book down.



I lost respect for this writer as an author. This writer took something I had experienced and made it surreal. In a way, she also painted the reality of living with a mental illness as something almost out of Alice In Wonderland, only nothing made sense.

Why would someone not be checked in on regularly in a psych ward? Why would vitals not be taken upon admission? Why would the psychiatrist be more fixated on praising her artistic talents than addressing the issue? Why would the MC be so fixated on her own talents as well that she would need to mention her own song titles and website?

Needless to say, it was hard to connect with the main character. Let alone find the plot. Basic questions had no answer. What did the MC want? Aside from freedom? How was she going to go about it feeling sorry for herself and judging everyone else around her?

Writers We Remember…

Maybe this is where I am being judgmental.

Most the artists that are immortalized are those who did not elevate themselves.
Artists who live on for centuries are those who:

Teach us something about

  • life
  • love
  • faith
  • nature
  • pain
  • loss
  • friendship
  • choices
  • death
  • beauty

and more.

These people are also those who shake us, rattling us to our very core.
Anyone who calls themselves and artists and does not do this… at least, in my eyes, cannot be rightly called so.

Please, share with me. What is an artist to you?





Bleeding Ink

Bleeding Ink

To finish a work, I’ve heard it said that you need to pace yourself. With 2018 underway and two works being written this advice couldn’t be more sound. If I hope to finish one or both works within the year, I am seriously going to have to step it up.


  • Finish Warlock’s Chronicle: A Rise To Power by August – Currently at 53k and less than 10 chapters to go!
  • Finish Seeking Justice by December 2018 – Currently at around 30k and with nearly the entire book outlined.
  • Submit one or both 2018 works for publication before December 2018, if not aim for the start of 2019.
  • Start Blood Brothers come January 2019 – Currently have some of the prologue or general background written
  • Start Warlock’s Chronicle Book II come February 2019 – Currently have up to around six books planned.


2018 is a heavy load for me. How do I aim to get it done? By keeping myself focused and on task. Even if only a couple hundred words get written a day in addition to outlining, progress is still progress. That is why I celebrate each step taken and why I take pride in each obstacle that is overcome. However, if I am to meet my deadlines I have to seriously set some deadlines.

  • January – Warlock’s Chronicle
  • February – Seeking Justice
  • March – Warlock’s Chronicle
  • April – Seeking Justice
  • May – July – Warlock’s Chronicle
  • August – Do Final Edits of Warlock’s Chronicle and Submit for Publication
  • September – November – Seeking Justice
  • December – Final Edits of Seeking Justice and Submit for Publication

With some hard work, continued research, and dedication… this plan is possible.

What are you working on? How are you pacing yourself?


They’re Not

“They’re Not”

I want things to be,
like they were before.
When we were close,
but they’re not.
They’re probably never going to be.

I want to talk,
just like we used to.
When we could discuss anything,
but we can’t.
There’s a wall between us,
and perhaps it’s for the best.

I want things to come naturally,
the way they did before.
When we could be ourselves,
but we’ve changed.
We’re not who we once were.

I want to go back.
Before the words, the lies, and the hurt.
In the end though, we both know…
That’s not how it works…

They’re never going to be the same.
No, they’re not.

2/1/2018 @ReneeDBurreson

Getting It Done

Getting It Done

January is flying by fast. With it, there have been some small accomplishments. This month:

  • Warlock’s Chronicle: A Rise To Power has reached 50k. This means I’ve finally written something novella length. I’m still going too!
  • I’ve written about five to six chapters so far this month and getting real close to actually completing this WIP!
  • Because of the dedication of devoted readers and fellow writers, my writing continues to grow.
  • My passion has been reignited on account of reader’s responses. I’ve rediscovered my love for writing.

There is no greater joy, for me as a writer, than the enjoyment others have in the world and characters I’ve created. A Writer is Nothing without the support of his or her readers.

And I love mine!

Growing As A Writer

Growing As A Writer

2018 has the potential to be a great year. In it, I aim to do many things to grow as a writer.

Dig Deep

Characters lack heart let alone depth if they do not have motivations, aspirations, or values of some kind. Everyone wants to achieve, change, or fix something. It is impossible to relate to or connect with someone who values and believes in nothing. So, this year, I hope to dig a little deeper in my writing and really get to know my characters intimately.

Laugh and Cry More

Joy and sorrow shape the coming and goings of others in our lives.  The same souls tend to leave their mark on its too long after they have gone.  Those same moments are also the ones we cherish or look back on the most vividly.  It is these same kind of memorable characters and moments that make up stories that will live on forever in our hearts.

It is my hope that my own appreciation of the people in moments in my life might inspire some of the most memorable characters and heartwarming tales that will motivate and inspire people for years to come.

To Finish What I Started

Several years ago, I began one of my WIPs as a trilogy of plays.  In the time that has passed since then,  characters have changed… some even ceased to exist,  and the story has matured to something else entirely.  A novella or novel that I hope will inspire young adults to overcome whatever hardship life may bring.


Hello 2018!

Hello 2018!

2017 has been an interesting year, both personally and in my writing. It has been a year full of change.

The way I see things has altered. Even some of my personal tastes and preferences have changed. Little things have grown more important. Peace and quiet nicities that can produce some of the best fight scenes, captivating landscapes, or tender moments.

Even my writing  has changed.

Slowly but surely, I’ opening up . I’m reading more. Looking back, my work looks less and less like it did the year before.

Maybe, just maybe this will be the one I finish!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 


Christmas is here, and has gone with swiftness of reindeer. Fairly soon, we’ll be looking at the start of another year. This leaves very little time to consider personal goals and aims for the upcoming year. So…

My goals will be few. These same goals are ones I will have to push myself to meet, and perhaps ones that will help me grow as both a person and a writer.

  1. Finish one or both my WIPs.  One of them is roughly 47,000 and still going, but inching closer and closer to the end. 1st Drafts are always the worst. This one has been at least a year or two in the making. Warlock’s Chronicle has changed, and hopefully matured a bit along the way. As for me newest baby, Seeking Justice, she’s about 25,000 in and I’ve put her to the side until at least February or March as I do some much needed research. Thankfully both characters have been met with some positive responses. It is my hope that perhaps, within the course of the year their 1st drafts will be finished so I can focus on the next step in this adventure… editing and then hopefully publication! 
  2. Changing my focus and maybe smile a little more.  As life often does, it doesn’t quite go according to plan. It’s become a personal goal of mine to change my point of view or look at some things a little differently and perhaps come to smile a little more this year. 
  3. Try at least 15 new things. As I am getting older, and won’t be getting younger any time soon… it’s time to let go of any fears and start looking into trying some new things. Both in and out of writing, there are numerous things I have yet to try or haven’t done. Not to mention the growing list or holiday and recipes I have on Pinterest that I would like to try!