Paint Me A Picture

Paint Me A Picture

Working my way through my current works in progress I realized something.

It needs more character descriptions. 

Now, I know I don’t need to write lengthy sonnets or vivid poems in order to bring characters to life on the page. But I admit, I am a bit unsure about this as I have written maybe one character description in which I was pleased with.

What happens though, when the character you want to describe is the one who is the narrative voice? In other words, how do you go about the task when writing in the first person point of view?

How Is It Done?

First Person Narrators Descriptions can be done in a number of ways. Here are A Few Ways to Use First Person POV Descriptions in your writing:

  • A Good Old Mirror – One of the most popular means to describe the main character is a personal glimpse at his or herself. There is nothing quite so classic in approach as a mirror. Wanting something with a bit more modern edge, try a compact or the rearview mirror of a car.
  • A Reflective Surface – A reflective surface is another way a first person pov character might snag a glimpse of his or herself. Metal surfaces and bodies of water make for good reflective surfaces.
  • Self Conscious – Give your character a flaw in which they try to hide by behaving or dressing a certain way.
  • Use Dialogue –  A little conversation can go a long way towards painting a canvas of your character.  The concerned words of a friend over one’s complexion, or pointing out something that others perhaps might not be brave and kind enough to such as the mustard stain on his/her new pants gives the reader glimpses and allows them to better connect with the character.

Which Would You Use? 



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