Motivation Music

Motivation Music

One of the best tools I have found to help me in expressing myself through words lays in music. Classical music of epic proportions has been a key motivator for me in the past few weeks.

Today I share with you, 5 of my favorite go to songs.

    1. The Empty Doll, Music Box Version by Lucas King – 
    This eerie piece is one I encourage anyone with a flair for the gothic, dark, or supernatural to try to use to harness some of that spooktacular energy!
    2. River Of Tears by Brunuhville – 
    This emotion evoking piece is one I recommend for anyone hoping to work their way through a tear jerking moment of heartbreak.
    3. A Sacrifice To Save You by Efisio Cross – 
    Another potential piece to use for those tragic moments in which you may feel compelled to stock up the tissue. However, this one is also one I would encourage for moments of discovery, clarification, or as the song suggests…sacrifice.
    4. Far Across The Land by Eurielle and Ryan Louder – 
    The words in this breathtaking piece, speak for themselves.
    5. Forever and Never – The Vampire (Dark Cello Music) by Peter Gundry

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