Goodbye Passive, Hello Active!

Goodbye Passive, Hello Active!

 This practice has become an undesired habit in my writing. It is also something I intend to kick like a bad habit. 

What is Passive Voice? How do I recognize it?

In a sentence written in Passive Voice the subject is acted upon, instead of performing the action. 

Passive Voice can be recognized by the verb choice. The verb will Always include a form of: 

  • am
  • is
  • was
  • were
  • are
  • been

Changing Passive For Active Voice

Here are some ways to change Passive Voice to Active Voice:

Choose Another Verb

“The store was crowded with eager buyers” transforms to “The store overflowed with eager buyers.”

Get Rid of “ing”

“He was bullying the quiet kid” transforms to “He bullied the quiet kid.”

Put The Adjective Before The Noun

“Egar Allan Poe is one of the most popular writers of all time and was responsible for some of the most haunting literature” transforms to “The popular Edgar Allan Poe wrote some of the most haunting literature.”

Learn more about Removing Passive Voice!







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