Building Character

Building Character

A challenge I find myself struggling with and openly embracing is the building of a character.  Why is that? Well, in short, it is the process of opening up and letting these beautiful creations into my heart.

One particular character, to whom, I am growing quite fond is that of a blacksmith named Bartholomew Strahll. When I first put him to the page over a year ago, he is a character that lived more as an idea.

My descriptions were brief, lacking depth and emotion. It is taking some work as well as some time. But, he is becoming increasingly visible, relatable, and most importantly loveable.

A Glimpse At Bartholomew Strahll

Long, peppered hair crowned his head and was drawn back tight, the bound strands descended to fall just below his shoulders. A short beard covered his chin. His eyes were icy, bearing a steeled color, but absent of the rancor to be felt from both ends of the blade. He towered over me. Tall, broad shouldered, and muscular, the craftsman looked fit for battle.  He had the build of a warrior. His hands bore the labors of his trade, scars, and calluses marked his palms and fingers. Otherwise, the skilled metal worker’s fingers were bare. No rings adorned, he wears no gold or silver chains, though I noticed an indentation on a finger of his left hand. The only jewelry on the blacksmith was a single gold loop in his right ear. His torso uncovered sweat blanketed his back and shoulder blades. Pantaloons and sturdy leather boots covered him from the waist down.


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