A Grueling Task: Editing

A Grueling Task: Editing

A part of writing that I confess, I do not look much forward to usually is editing. Publishers look for not only fresh or unique ideas and evoking story lines. I have come to realize the importance of grammar as well as punctuation. The application of a few well-placed words and descriptions can capture many things.  One thing they cannot do though unless they are in the proper form, tense, as well as spelling is conveying its intended meaning.

Readers see it all the time with word slips such as their instead of they are or they’re. At other times, it is something seeming equally mundane.

A Writer’s Tools

Editors can be expensive. There is no underappreciating what they do. At the same time, there is no replacing thoroughly replacing them either. This is not to say that a writer cannot apply some useful tools as well as resources to improve the quality of their work. In fact, I have found some useful tools right here on the world wide web.

  1. ProWritingAid
  2. Grammarly
  3. AutoCrit Online Editing
  4. Paper Rater

Other Options

Outside of expert guidance, one thing an aspiring writer can use to help the maturation of a work in progress is constructive criticism from his or her peers. Some places I have gotten excellent advice from are listed below.



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