Taking Chances

Taking Chances 

One thing I fear about as much, if not more so than I do spiders is taking chances. Stepping out into the unknown can be one of the most frightening yet exhilarating experiences an aspiring writer can find themselves in. For me, this is becoming a liveable possibility.

Surrounding myself by like minds, whose passion is to take up the pen and write, I have become more and more open to the prospect of doing what all writers must do:

Share their work!

I am not talking asking friends, neighbors, loved ones or the like to read your work. I am talking about something much bigger. All writers who are now authors have done this. They have submitted their work, aiming for the crossing of that final threshold to publication. That is where I am slowly but surely heading!

This though is not just an opportunity for me. I am talking about opportunities for individuals with like minds to come together and creative something magical. To have not one, but two such chances are truly nothing short of phenomenal!

The Opportunities

These opportunities came from one of the most unexpected places, Facebook. Two groups that host a number of creative minds and kindred spirits have given aspiring writers, like me, a chance to get ourselves out there. Given how cutthroat the world of publication can be, these are chances that I would encourage any aspiring writer NOT to pass up!

Creative Writers – Monolith 

One of the most interesting challenges I am eager to jump into is The Creative Writers Anthology Series.  The upcoming anthology is all about ‘New Beginnings.’

Learn more @  Creative Writers Press

Writers Unite –  WU Fantasy Anthology 

Another interesting challenge I am taking a chance with is the Writers Unite Fantasy Anthology. As you may have surmised, it is all about the Fantasy Genre.

Join Writers Unite on Facebook to learn more @ Writers Unite Facebook Group


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