Xenos, My Land, My Home

“Xenos, My Land, My Home”

Beyond vast fields
Bearing honey gold wheat and barley
Past verdant fields
Growing shimmering jade and needled evergreen
Below high mountaintops
Glistening white peaks of Thistlethorne and Nettlepine
Captive heart as well as soul
To people and kingdom am I duty bound
Straying never too long nor far from home
To her, as a steadfast lover, I return
Beckoning the fire’s warm glow
The heat of passion, on the forge, is stoked
Sating the taste of freshly brewed spirits
Falling soft and sweet as would a kiss
Proud soars the griffon on silken wings
Woven in deep crimson along with ebony hues
A mantle upon which name and reputation
Are borne into battle
To fly in victory and become tattered in defeat
For a ruler and his land are one

@R.D. B.

June 2017


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