Many Faces: Character Interview I

Many Faces: Character Interview I

A good story is going to be found wanting if it does not have loveable, as well as deplorable, characters. Warlock’s Chronicle is a book that I hope, will have a number of these that readers will adore and equally, despise. As I have some strong feelings in regards of several of the characters, you can imagine the difficulty I have in selecting one to interview and give you some insight into the people that encompass the world of Styvynia.


A Peculiar Feline: Princess Purrl 

A curious addition I admit is not a planned character, but rather one that just fell into the pages is that of unusual feline, Princess Purrl.

What impression do you make on people when they first meet you?

*Pads tiny mitted paws into a pillow, then looking out towards her audience with wide cerulean eyes, sits on the feathered surface where she proceeds to lick her front right paw.*  (On a chair not too far from her sits a half-elven male who translates. )

“Rooowr, what does anyone think when they see a cat?”

What are you most proud of about your life?

*Lowering her paw, the ivory feline’s tail wraps around her as she speaks again, her tiny mouth unmoving.*

“Prow, aside from helping a fiery tempered, master of elements, maintain balance in Styvynia… ”

*Her head tilts slightly as her mitt raises to rub the smokey fur betwixt her ears.*

“I am quite adept in the skill of catching mice.”

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone? Why?

*Bows her head, then crouches, before pouncing down from the pillow.*

“I took fish from the kitchen and presented it to the fish lady. I am not sure she liked it as for some reason she threw the fish at me, boot and all!” (At this, the feline’s translator laughs.)

What are you most afraid of?

*Lets out a soft meow before scurrying over to the pointy-eared translator’s feet. Brushing up against one, her tail swishes about expectantly.*

“Honestly, aside from the release of a long ago sealed evil… a world without mice or fish.”

What are your future goals?

*Looks at the interviewer, then the audience with an expression that may be read as curiosity as her eyes widen and she leaves her place beside her translator to sit in an almost regal manner. *

“I have none, it is the job of the world to accommodate me.”




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