What Makes A Story?

What Makes A Story?

When considering picking up a new book to read, what is it that draws you to the contents of its pages? Is is the adventure, the romance, the suspense, the action, the characters, or something else? These are some things I have explored as both a reader and a writer.  All these questions though can be summed up with a single one. 

What Are The Components Of A Good Story? 

The Essentials 

For me, even when watching movies or playing video games, if they do not have a catching story they end up being turned off or put down. It has been and always will be about the story. So…. What makes up a good story?

As I write the pages of Warlock’s Chronicle, and what I hope to be my first published word, I take these things into account. 

  1. Light Versus Dark –  The classic battle of good versus evil. Whether it is summed up by characters’ motivations and overall intentions, morality shapes the heart along with the soul of many an internal conflict. 
  2. Lessons Taught –  The journeys we embark on every day, living itself is a lesson, but what if we could take away something valuable just by turning the page? These stories, the ones with unexpected lessons are the ones that stick with us. They are the ones we treasure in our hearts for years to come.
  3. Strong, Complex Characters – Characters without development, who do not grow or change throughout the course of the storyline are flat. They lack depth. That is why it is so important that the roles of the protagonist and antagonist, along with other central character plots are filled with characters who develop over time.
  4. Full Circle – Everything comes together. It all adds up, one way or another, things all fall into place. Often times, these things connect in some shape and form.  When it does, it is nothing short of magical. 

Seven Elements of Good Storytelling

5 Elements Of A Powerful Story




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