Making Strides

Making Strides

Writing has become difficult for me as of late, there is nothing more heartbreaking than having the desire to take up the pen and not having the words. Alas, this has been my issue, on top of trying to find the time. The past week has been a busy one in the Burreson residence and for the first time, we have not had to do it all on foot.

There is nothing quite so rewarding as seeing hard work, commitment, and diligence pay off. This week, the crowning moment for our household was the purchasing of a car. Given my love for fantasy as well as pirates, you can imagine my delight when my husband graciously left the name selection of our vehicle up to me.

I wonder still if he regrets that decision….

Calypso Car

Four years of walking, working, building credit, and dreaming all boil down to this moment. Meet the proud owners of a gorgeous, black, Elantra we call Calypso.

Speaking of making strides, I picked up the pen again! 15 chapters down and more I hope, too soon follow! Outlining has been a real aid as of late so as to keep my thoughts organized and the flow of the story on the right track. For me, these are some seriously huge strides!

So, as an anonymous source once said: Small Progress Is Still Progress! 



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