Fighting Writer’s Block

Fighting Writer’s Block

Two words I am pretty certain writers abhor: Writer’s Block are ones that I try not to make an active part of my vocabulary. However, as of recently, getting any words to flow upon the page is an achievement.  One word is a start, two or more and a sentence takes form. If I am so fortunate as to get 100 or more out on a rough day, I do not consider it a loss.  There is only one way that I can consider a writing day worthless, that is one met with a single thing. That thing being: an empty page.

A Blank Page

A fresh sheet of paper without words, images, or even the beginnings of ideas is the most terrifying thing to behold. Especially when you are set on going places and brings worlds, characters, as well as plots to life.

There is nothing quite so irritating as…..

  • Knowing a character’s general direction but wandering about blindly to get there
  • Formulating an exciting plot only to have your thoughts elsewhere
  • Having the desire but lacking the drive

For me, the latter two of the three are the biggest struggles I presently am hoping to overcome. What about you? What, if anything, is holding you back from making progress in your story?


Overcoming It

In order to overcome writer’s block, whether it is the pure lack of motivation or sheer laziness, there are numerous strategies that can help get a struggling writer back on track.

Some ideas that have worked for me are:

  • Putting aside distractions – If it does not need to be on, turn it off! Phones, television, music, etc.  Close yourself away from the world so that you can better go into your own world and let the words come pouring out of your naturally.
  • Brainstorm – Ask yourself questions! What do I want to write about? What would I like to see happen? What kind of characters would I like to bring to life? Where would I like to go?  Take some time to just let your creative spirit run wild, you never know what you may come up with!
  • Outline –  Structure your work. Start with things as basic as main plot points. Build character timelines to even breaking down chapters bit by bit so as to make sure that you reach key points in your work.
  • Read or Listen to Music – Other’s work can sometimes be the best muse. Whether it comes from a well-worded quotation, beautiful oil painting, catchy tune, or a great page turner the best inspiration more often than not comes when we least expect it. Sometimes it comes from the most unlikely source too!

Some new ideas I am considering trying are: 

  • Freewrite –  I am a bit obsessive compulsive about my own work. Structure is very important as is having a game plan or general direction. However, writing is not something I like to feel like a chore, so picking up the pen to see where it takes me from time to time may be a great way to spark some sensational new ideas!
  • Try Writing Exercises – Writing prompts, I hear, can be a great way to channel ideas and put some words down on paper. It can also be the baseline for later works!
  • Get A Writing Buddy –  Like a pen pal, get together with a fellow writer and make some plans as well as set some goals for which you can hold one another accountable. The best encouragement sometimes is nothing short of accountability!

More Ideas

For some more ideas to assist you in your endeavor to overcome writer’s block, try some of these awesome ideas!

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