Moral Compass

Moral Compass 

The question of good versus evil presents itself in some way, shape, or form in most fictional works. This particular matter is one that has been weighing rather heavily upon my own subconscious as I have begun to truly explore what is and makes up the moral compass of the rather magical and dangerous world of Styvynia.

In the world that I am creating, much as the real world in which we all reside, is seen a wide assortment of characters. There is the mingling of the old and the young, the meeting of men and women, likewise there is the clashing of the wicked with the just.

What Makes Up The Good and Bad of Styvynia? 

What is it that makes a character truly good or purely evil? These are the questions that are wracking my brain as I walk through the various cities, towns,  and woodlands of Styvynia.  It is also the biggest possibly inquiry to present itself in this work as the main character embarks on a journey of self discovery in which leads to something unexpected.

Then, aren’t we all on this journey? Aren’t we all looking to find out who we are, what our talents are,  the love or success we can have in our lives, and sometimes even discover the very meaning behind our existence?

When examining the defining line between good and evil in The Warlock’s Chronicle, it can perhaps be best done in the exploration of three key points.

  • Ambitions
  • Intentions
  • Motivations

What drives them? What is it that they seek to achieve? How do they go about achieving things and to what end?





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