A Slice of Life

A Slice Of Life

My hand has been itching to write, yet words have been slow. When the pen does not meet the page as much as I desire that is the time in which perhaps it is important to focus my energy on those that I love. These same souls are also my greatest fans, editors, motivators, and some of the muses for the worlds in which I write.

This week has been tremendously busy! Spring here has our allergies in full swing so we had to celebrate a birthday a bit late. Celebrating life during this particular season makes me a bit more appreciative of the time, places, and people I have. So today, instead of talking about writing…. I would like to share with you the people who make up my heart and soul, my family.

Meet The Burreson Bunch!

The two handsome and fiendishly rainbow boys are my sons. Their imaginations are always running wild and free. It is something I hope to nurture. My oldest is nearly eight and my miracle baby. My youngest boy, just turned six! One is gifted in math as well as science. The other is constantly wanting to read, write, or spell!

Jedi Bob

Of course, making these introductions, it would only make sense that I show my dearest ones as their awesome selves! The handsome and rather curiously modern Jedi above is my darling husband and soul mate. He is actively my editor and well….peer reader. He is also someone I can productive brainstorming sessions with. Above all else, he is an amazing father, friend, and just an all around great guy. I am lucky to have him.

If you have not already guessed it, we are nerds!


Last but certainly not the least, is the baby of the Burreson family. Meet Artemis! I wonder who she takes after?! *Wink*


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