Thar She Blows!!!

Thar She Blows!!!

It is no secret, I am a lover of pirates as well as adventure on the open sea. So it only makes sense that I am considering incorporating various elements of the pirate’s life into my current work.  The protagonist, a warlock named Xavier Drasco, will find himself going toe to toe against….you guess it… A PIRATE!!!  While there is so much more to this part of the tale…. I will let the pages I am working toward convey what I do not here. Let us pray that when and if it does hit the shelves, I do it, and do it bloody damn well!

A Pirate’s Life Fer Me

Thar’s somethin’ bout ‘t open water that calls ‘t me. What it be, I cannot dare speak. Me heart twas ‘n likely always will be bound ‘t the deeps. Thar’s a freedom on ‘t ocean that releases me from worry ‘r care.  Somethin’ bout tha salty sea air raises me spirits. I be thirstin’ fer adventure ‘n longin’ fer action. Me blade, should ye cross me, will split ye in two. So best walk lively ‘n ‘t me code be true. Fer there be no other life fer me, than that which calls ‘n bind me ‘t the sea. Lest of course, yer heart be a treasure…. more rare ‘n precious than gold. That thar mate, be what fairy tales be made up of.

@~’~ Captain Rosalynd Blood ~’~@








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