Ever Ever After

Ever Ever After


Carrie Underwood’s “Ever Ever After” sums up the feelings I had over the course of the past week. The most challenging part of a story, for me, is the end. That segment of any tale signifies completion.  This is no small thing. At least, not in my case, as I have yet to complete a piece.

So as I sat over dinner in a riveting discussion with my husband, imagine my joy as the two of us summed up what we would like to see happen to Warlock’s Chronicle at reaching its conclusion.

The End? 

What exactly are the details we decided upon? That, is something I am eager to put to paper for you, wonderful readers, to find out.

I can promise action. I hope to deliver some excitement as well as anticipation. Maybe there a couple laughs tied up in some brightly colored bows of outlandish humor. There is also the potential for the unexpected.

This is the end, or is it? 




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