Great Minds Think Alike: Co-Writing!

Great Minds Think Alike: Co-Writing!

Aside from reading one of the most exciting adventures I believe any aspiring writer can take is one that is shared with another.  For over the past fifteen or more years I have role played in a number of free style forums as well as groups. During such creative game play, I have perhaps found the most like as well as diverse minds I could have ever hoped to encounter! This is perhaps why I am truly excited about the on taking of this side project. 

What is this project?

Well…. after some flirting with the subject, my friend Sam and I have decided to….

Co-Write Our Own Story!!!

This particular project is truly going to take me outside of my comfort zone. I can only imagine the rush this is giving her as this will be a rather huge project!  It is also a real opportunity for both of us to learn as well as grow in our arts.  Given our role playing history I am hoping this will be a real page turner! 



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