What a site! Until only recently, I had no clue such a place existed on the world wide web. Finding this community where story telling thrives has been nothing short of amazing! It is not only a place where you can write and share your works, it is also a place where you are sure to never find a shortage of something to read! It is like writers and bookworms anonymous (pardon my corny humor).

No matter the genre, you are bound to discover something you can really get into! More into Fanfic or Nonfictional works, that is not a problem! Wattpad seems to have a little bit of everything!  Poetry, short stories, even full fledged books make up the beauty that is wattpad. Authors both renowned as well as aspiring are featured on wattpad.

It really is a reader’s and writer’s haven.


Bleeding Onto The Page

My work is not something I have been known to take great pride in. However, in order to have an audience, one must first build one. It is for this reason that wattpad is going to be something I am going to exercise the use of. This might also be a great way for me to learn a little in terms of my writing style and how I might be able to improve on it. For the present I am sharing a combination of some of my more recent works along with my older works.

My works can be viewed at: My Wattpad

Some Recommended Reads

Stories By Reyna

Stories By Daphne

Stories by S. A. Klopfenstein

Stories By Colette and Cole



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