Weakness and Strength


Weakness and Strength

As I have been working on the composition of the thirteenth chapter in my book, and anxiously await the results of a contest I entered two months ago, I haven taken some time to look over my strengths as well as weaknesses as a writer. 


My Weaknesses 

As an aspiring writer, there is always room to grow. I have not yet opened myself up to a great deal of feedback. Though I have trusted my work to a few individuals in bits and pieces, like myself, I am afraid to share in abundance. Every person has vulnerabilities, or weak points. As a writer, here are some of mine that I would like to grow from, and perhaps improve upon.

  • Tenses – The transition from past to present, or present to past can be a difficult task. 
  • Fancy Speech, Eloquent Words – I love words, I love the manner in which a single word can have many forms. However, that love can be problematic, when I am seeking to target a particular age group or audience. If a reader cannot understand what I put upon the page, then the message is not being received.W
  • Perfectionism –  Each word must be positioned just right. Every sentence must be clear and ring true to the point being made. If anything is found lacking, it is usually my inclination to start anew.
  • Desire to Please – While I do love the story I am telling, it is equally or more important that my readers love the story as well. This aching need to satisfy others sometimes is crippling. 


My Strengths

Just as there is always room to grow, there are also areas of strength that are good to be focused upon. Some strengths that I have either found or been told that I have consist of these.

  • Description – To paint a picture, create a feeling, or bring to life characters through vivid words of imagery is no laughing matter. As a painter brings the brush upon the easel, so too must a writer create a world using words. I find I am able to vividly capture people, places, and sometimes object quite vividly!
  • Creativity – Coming up with ideas on the fly, embracing the prospect of challenges, and thinking outside the box is a talent. To truly be creative one must let their imagination run wild! Mine seems to never shut off! 
  • Dedication – Writing, at least in my case, is more than just jotting down a few words here and there. It is a process. It is a progression of ideas into something bigger. This takes some serious commitment. My current work began as a series of plays in high school, those are now something I am aiming to transform into a spectacular book series! 
  • Resourcefulness – Something I have heard and come to learn through experience, is that research makes for better writing. While it is great to come up with some truly amazing ideas and bring them to life on a page, ideas without some form of concrete background can make a great story seem….surreal. Research is also an amazing way to learn as well as broaden the spectrum of your world compass! Using tools such as the thesaurus and doing some studying on things such as poisons, fighting styles, and medieval life has truly given me a fresher perspective on various elements I plan to use in my work! 


What Are Some of Your Strengths and Weaknesses? 





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