Progress, Fighting Myself

Progress, Fighting Myself

Is this readable? Is it clear? Does it paint a picture? Does it stir emotion? Are the characters relate-able? These are some of the questions I ask myself as the pen makes its way across the page, among countless others. It really is true, what people say, there is no worse critic a person than one’s self.

Reading over my own work, there is always something that can be changed. Whether it is a modification to word choice, restructuring a chapter, or developing a plot line there is always room for improvement. After all, practice makes perfect. More or less, practice promotes growth.

For me finishing my current work, The Warlock’s Chronicle, will be an achievement itself. As it is and has been my nature to find something wrong and begin anew, being thirteen plus chapters in is an accomplishment.


Climbing The Wall Of Self Doubt

I love the story I want to tell, so why is it I lack the confidence to complete a work? The characters I make are ones I can fall in love with or quickly hate, so why do I put down the pen to question my ability to bring them to life? The answer is really quite simple.

Because I do something perhaps no one ought to do… I compare myself to some of the greatest minds of our time! I also compare myself to authors who have long since been buried, but their stories still live on.

It is true, I will never be Stephen King, R.A. Salvatore, Edgar Alan Poe, or Dean Koontz. Just as I will not be a Jane Austen, Anne Rice, or J.K. Rowling.

What I WILL BE though, is ME!

Sometimes when writing, I think writers forget themselves. Why? Like me, they see the amazing talent of others and think to themselves: I cannot do that.

How will we know, unless we go out there and try?

So while I may never be one of these amazing authors that I look up to, I have to look at myself and say: I CAN and MAY one day be out there too. One day MY BOOKS ARE going to be on shelves too. That is why I carry on, but mostly I realize I have to finish this simply because I WANT TO.

That too is why I chose the word ‘Finish’ for 2017. This has been a long time coming, this particular journey began over 12 years go as a series of plays I wrote. It is time to transform them into something magical!  I am almost 40,000 words in and I can hardly believe it!

So for any other dreamers, aspiring writers, artists, I say:








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