Revisiting My Roots

Revisiting My Roots

When I first took up the pen, it began in the form of inquires. A series of questions, as it were, that maybe you…yourself… have asked. It all started with the why’s, when’s, and how’s. Then, there was the occasional slipping of inquiring as to the what’s as well.

2017 so far, is a year of reflecting. I know, I know…hind sight is only 20/20. There is no changing what has already come to pass.

Writing has been a tremendous part of my life for over the past fifteen years or so. Looking back, it is perhaps why today I feel so compelled to revisit my writing roots.


As this journey began in verse, it seems only natural that I share some of the earliest works I can find. For poetry is ever so much more to me than a few well placed verses or rhymes, but the expression of emotion…and sometimes the painting of a canvas through mere choice of words. Sometimes too….a reflection of another’s very heart and soul.



Dark brown eyes, small, and sad
Dark wavy hair, fluffy, not silky like others
A double chin, cheeks, and a face of stone
What you see when you look at me
I see a girl who wants to be a woman
A girl who is nervous with the silence of an empty room

Scared of what lies deep within her soul
Unsure of what the future may hold
I see a timid child trapped in a woman’s body
Shy and not as cautious as she should be
Loving all she knows and gets close to
Easily getting attached, hardly acts 17
She acts immature and childish at the sight
of a cute guy down the hall
A poor lost little child is all I see
When I look in the mirror

Written By Renee D. Burreson 

Copyright 2017


Morning Born Anew

Gold, pink, orange, and purple
Beginning anew another day
Heavens painted with expert hands
Artist paints his portrait with great care
Eyes once heavy open
Ends a journey to the land of Nodd
Illusions left behind
Sweetest of dream forgotten
Mouth curves upward into a satisfied grin
As it is but a new beginning
Another day to live

Written By: Renee D. Burreson

Copyright 2017


Obscurity Of Faith

Freak; odd…unusual, abnormal
Different, strange in perception
Peculiar to wills of a twisted society
Theory acclaimed fact

Law exercised power of manipulation
Worth measured in weight of pockets
Prayer…a waste, denial of civil rights
Ministry…faith in man made fictional works
Service…unacceptable acts meriting naught reward

Tried and challenged
Conviction with persecution
Freak; strange…weird, irregular
Lack of patience, understanding, humility
Absence of selflessness, hope, and love
Obscurity…wrongness of faith

Written By: Renee D. Burreson

Copyright 2017


For More of My Poetry: Renee Burreson @


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