Alternate Meanings

Alternate Meanings

Have you ever taken the time to consider the many different ways in which you can say a single word or phrase? As a child and even as a teenager I could not fully appreciate the value in the meaning of words. The thesaurus is a truly wonderful tool to use to build vocabulary as well as say the same thing in a hundred different ways.

Some Familiar Words

When  looking at a page, do you notice how certain words are used over again in repetition?  For me, here are some I have grown accustomed to seeing.

  • Feel or Felt
  • See or Saw
  • Emerald or Green
  • Bird or Fowl
  • Sword or Blade
  • Said or Spoke

What are some words you are used to reading?

A Few New Words

Reviewing these same words, it is amazing to think of their synonyms, or sister words. Here are some new ones I have learned in my writing thus far:

  • Sensed or Sensation
  • Observed, Noticed, or Perceived
  • Jade, Verdant, or Olive
  • Capon, Pullet, or Grouse
  • Foil, Toledo, or Kris
  • Articulate, Accounted, or Intonation




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