Getting Into Character

Getting Into Character

The most interesting challenge that I have faced in my transitioning from plays and short stories into a novel, is getting into character. Speaking of characters, meet Xavier. Do not let the brightly colored crayon, untrained sharp features and shadowing, along with the pointy ears keep him from being a potential page turner. 

Who is Xavier? 

I have been called many things. Warlock, tyrant, warlord, cur…these titles are ghosts that haunt my dreams. The same dubbings plague my thoughts as I remember others who have had such bearings. None of these souls I find myself able to recall with fondness. Inside their hearts dwelled evils that I have fought against and even now struggle to resist. Yet, perhaps none of these titles are untrue. For what is a man that kills to take another’s crown, if not a usurper? Who too can master both the elements and steel, if not a warlock? What kind of man paves the road to prosperity in blood where there can be no peace but a warlord? Alas, I am guilty of all. 

Still, I have also earned myself kinder repute. Apprentice, hero, master, Lord, lover, friend, and son are names I have worn with dignity. For maybe I too am these things. Forever will I be indebted to the exceedingly few whose devotion can only be matched by their courage. In these bonds I have discovered strength, honor, hope, and above all else love. 

Were I not bestowed such honors I would not be who I am…

Who am I?

I am Xavier Drasco.


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