What Writing Has Given Me

What Writing Has Given Me

One of the first questions that I have seen presented over and over again in regards of writing is:

Just what do you get from it?

It is no secret that it is not one of the highest paying professions. Most writers, unless they have become famous world wide, are likely to have another job that they perform alongside writing. So dreams of fame as well as fortune do appear to be a bit of a stretch of the imagination.


Another very commonly expressed opinion is that writing is not a real job. Somehow it has grown into a popularly conceived misconception that writing takes no real effort. Unless a person sincerely devotes his or herself to the completion of a published work, it is likely that this consensus is to go unchanged, unchallenged, as well as unchecked. Too few truly understand the hours of outlining, structuring, writing, editing, and revision that goes into a piece. Not to mention the emotions poured onto each and every page or the hours of research that can go into a work.


There Is Much To Be Said Of Writing

Writing is so much more than putting words to paper. For some it is a conveying of the innermost workings of the mind, for others it is the expression of feelings that otherwise might not ever be known. Being able to bring a pen to paper for others is also an escape from reality, and for others still a means to record moments in time that they wish not to forget.

The art of writing can be so many things…

Writing Has Given Me

  • A Voice – In a world where everyone has something to say, the pen has given me a place where I can speak my piece.
  • Freedom – Rules, obligations, doubts, fears, among other things tend to keep people from doing, saying, or thinking freely without concern for other’s ability to accept them. In writing, I make the rules…. I can go anywhere, I can be anyone, I can feel however I want and express it.
  • Creativity – Words can paint pictures of time, space, people, places, events just as much as they can thoughts or feelings if they are applied properly
  • Inspiration –  One of the most powerful forces of motivation lies in the use of words. Characters who embody heroism, altruism, honor, integrity, among other qualities can inspire us to be the sort of people we want to be.
  • Passion – As a grown woman who has spent most of my life battling anxiety as well as depression, joy when found, is something that needs to be clung to for dear life.Writing has been something I have carried with me through much of my adolescence. It has seen me some of the better days of my life along with the worst.

Writing has given me purpose… what has writing given you? 





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