My Great Journey: Warlock’s Chronicle

My Great Journey: Warlock’s Chronicle

This is one of my greatest ambitions or goals in life, to write a book to completion and live to see it in publication. To finish my current work would be an adventure, as this particular piece of fiction began in the form of 3 plays.! The story has since transformed and completely taken a new direction. A new direction in which I hope enthralls others as it has me.


Enter A Fantasy World, Explore The Realm of Styvinya

Journey in a realm where magic and myth merge. Follow the path of a young half elf as he rises from ashes into power. Encounter mythical creatures of majesty unlike you have ever seen…. enter the realm of Styvinya and watch the rise of a warlock from the verge of a cruel existence.

Such is the world I am in the process of creating. The greatest parts of this adventure are only now being realized, fifteen years after its creation. It is an adventure I eagerly take in the hopes that one day in the not too distant future that you might be able to join me on!



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